Aid to Others—A committee that coordinates services and outreach to those in our Church Family who have experienced a death or some other crisis in their immediate family.

DaycareBright Beginnings Daycare/Preschool—Much needed quality, Christian childcare and teaching are provided to the community every Monday-Friday.  Close to 100 children benefit from childcare in our church.


Children’s Worship—on the second, third, and fourth Sundays of each month, this ministry is offered to children during the second half of the morning worship service.

Church Breakfast—the second Sunday of the month, we gather at 8:30am for breakfast before Sunday School.  The classes rotate the preparation of the meal.

Church Library—Christian literature, audio tapes, and videos are made available for the users’ growth, reflection, and reference.  This is also a meeting room for various committees.

Deacons’ Fund—financial assistance is available to those in need.  This money is administered by the Deacons and accountable only to them for confidentiality.

Fellowship Sports—We support a church league softball team and the team is very active during the summer.  This team has encouraged people to attend church through sports fellowship.  Hoops for Him is a basketball ministry giving youth an opportunity to play and learn the fundamentals of the game while developing Christ-like attitudes, teaching respect, character, and sportsmanship.  We have the capability to offer a volleyball program as well.

Flames Room
FLAMES—Youth Group for 7th-12th Graders.  Acronym stands for Fruitful Lives Adoring the Merciful Everlasting Savior.  They meet from 6:15-8pm on Wed. nights, and break off after the Sunday evening Campfire service.  They often have outings and special events in addition to weekly lessons.


Food Pantry

Food Pantry—A community wide service is administered by our church to provide food to those in need.  THe pantry covers 600 square feet of space in the CLC and utilizes multiple freezers and refrigerators. We are staffed entirely by volunteers from several different churches in the Bloomfield area. Each December we distribute “White Christmas” food boxes, on a first come, first served basis, to families in need so that they may enjoy a special holiday meal.
Per month, we see an average of 90 different families come through this pantry. Many of these families have an ongoing need and are repeat customers. A household may shop one time per calendar month.

Current hours of operation are 9:00-11:00 AM Tuesday through Thursday mornings and 4:30-6:00 PM Tuesday evenings (for people who work outside the home). We are closed on major Holidays. Hours are always subject to change based on volunteer availability and/or inclement weather, so please call the church office at 812-384-8459 if you have any questions!

Handbell Choir—Handbells practice Sunday morning before Sunday school and play the last Sunday of the month.

Kingdom Kids—A children’s choir for Kindergarten through 6th grade.  They practice on Sunday afternoons and sing during service once a month and on special occasions.

Lydia Circle—These ladies make quilts and give them to people who have been sick, need our prayers, or as an outreach on Mission Trips.

Mission Trips—We love to get a group together to go help in other places.  We’ve spent three summers going to Kentucky, and two summers in Mississippi.  We like to respond to disasters, like the flooding in Worthington in 2008, and the tornadoes around the area.  We also help with Habitat for Humanity and other projects here at home.

Prayer chain—A church wide ministry to effectively pray for those in need.  Church members sign up to be called or e-mailed when there is a need.  Both requests and answers can be shared.

Retreats—We’ve had church wide retreats, marriage retreats, and women’s retreats.  New plans are always welcome.

Sanctuary Choir—Practices on Tuesday nights, and sings an Anthem once a month from September to May.

Summer Church Camp—We encourage our children to attend camp, and supplement the cost.  Occasionally we serve as directors of the week of camp, or as camp counselors.

Sunday Morning Breakfast—The second Sunday of the month an Adult Sunday School class provides a simple breakfast before the Sunday school hour to promote fellowship.

Walk to Emmaus/Chrysalis—The church has endorsed this spiritual retreat as a process to energize and recommit individuals in their walk with Christ.  The rededication of individuals has helped spiritual growth in our congregation.  We participate in the Hoosier Hills Community.

Worship Team—Guitars, Drums, Clavinova, and a violin lead singing every other Sunday.
Youth Group canoeing
Young People Away—An outreach program for support and ministry to young adults that are away from home and the church body perhaps for the first time.  College, military, and employment are all things that separate us during these critical years.